Provo and Associates

Diane Provo, M.S. Ed.
Diane Provo has a BA degree in Psychology and a MS degree in Education, with an emphasis in Special Education. Since 1970, Diane has taught special education classes in both public and private schools, coordinated special education programs for Head Start, taught graduate school at Dominican University and consulted on a regular basis for the Institute for Learning Difficulties in San Rafael, California. Diane creates and develops comprehensive programs for children with Autism and PDD. This includes selecting and prioritizing appropriate interventions as well as supervising and consulting with school-based and home-based programs.

Diane is currently certified with the Scientific Learning Corporation and is able to administer a computerized language development curriculum called Fast ForWord. This is an integrated, software-based program which builds the language skills necessary for communication in everyday life. All children need these skills and Fast ForWord can be used by children with all types of learning styles.

Diane has co-authored the books Starting Blocks and Kids Are Great...when you know how they work. She also co-designed the Starting Blocks Readiness Inventory, a skill assessment program for preschools to use in dertermining a child's level of school readiness. She was one of the original members of the Marin County Child Care Commission. Diane is currently a contributing expert to "Animated Language Learning." ALL is a computer based language program for children with learning difficulties. To see an interview with Diane regarding this program go to: 

For almost fifteen years she was a regular personality on KRON TV's Weekend News Show, where she gave a live parenting segment. Diane has made frequent appearances on KQED Radio's Family Talk​, as well as Bay TV and Tech TV cable stations. Diane's speaking engagements have included keynotes for such organizations as Levi-Strauss, Gymboree, Children's Hospital of Toledo and the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco. In 2003 she spoke before 6000 attendees at the Fifth San Francisco Summit for Women along with a very distinguished group of speakers. Diane co-founded a publishing company called Starting Blocks Publications, Inc. This company created valuable products and services for children, teachers and parents. 

She conducts her consulting practice in Marin County, California. Diane has a large network of collaborative professionals which include child development specialists, therapists, educational testers, behavioral pediatricians and child psychiatrists.
"Diane Provo is the most outstanding, understanding, caring, loving brilliant child development specialist there is. Our eldest grandson is Autistic with enormous special needs. Another grandson has many learning disabilities, and yet another grandson has sensory and motor problems among other issues. We feel blessed as a family that Diane is guiding these children into a far brighter and more wonderful future than they ever would have had without her." 
                                                                    Eleanor B., Santa Fe, NM