Provo and Associates

Provo and Associates takes special care to understand the unique needs of our clients. We are proud of the work we do and would like to share these testimonials with you:
Tom Litz, Family Therapist, Corte Madera, CA
"I have known Diane for many years and each time I work with her I am positively impressed by her energy and her charisma. Whether it is a panel discussion or a case consultation, she brings an intensity to the process that is a breath of fresh air in the mental health community. Also, she is most always right."
Robert Sinaiko, M.D., San Francisco, CA
"I have worked closely with Diane Provo over several years in the management of youngsters with a full range of attention, learning and behavioral difficulties and their families. Diane provides something that is all too rarely available to parents: a comprehensive overview. Diane Provo understands that optimal outcome is most likely to follow from a truly multi-disciplinary approach, which, drawing on her broad experience, she is perhaps uniquely able to construct for each child in her practice. Again and again, I have seen Diane supply the intelligent analysis and guidance each family needs to sort through a daunting variety of available interventions and tailor a strategy that works for the individual child."
Joanne Figone, Occupational Therapist, Petaluma, CA
"I have known Diane Provo for many years professionally. She provides a great service to families who have concerns regarding their child's behavior, development and school placement. She does a thorough job of observing the child in many settings and will refer to appropriate professionals for further work-ups. She works collaboratively with the families, schools and other professionals. For families who are lost on what to do with their child who doesn't quite "fit in," Diane has been able to give them guidance on where to go, who to contact and how to make the system work effectively for their child. In addition, she provides ongoing support to families and their children. The families of Marin (County) are very lucky to have someone like Diane available to help them."
Carol Friedenberg, Speech & Language Therapist, Corte Madera, CA
"I consistently refer children and families to Diane Provo, and have relied upon her skills for many years. Diane is a wise, funny, enormously talented, knowledgeable, energetic and perceptive professional. She excels at working very directly with children who have special educational and developmental needs requiring skilled intervention. Diane works particularly well with children who do not use language as an appropriate social tool and she provides valuable information, guidance and modeling to parents who seek her services."