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Thank you for your interest in Provo and Associates. If you wish to become a client we ask that you read the Fee Schedule and the Billing Policy. After that, fill out the Client Information Form and provide us with at least one current credit card (we suggest two). Generally, we maintain a waiting list for new clients , but will make every attempt to get you an appointment as soon as possible.
Fee Schedule Per Hour As Of March 15, 2019
​Credit Card
Electronic Funds Transfer
​Check (ATOV)
    ​Effective November 1, 2008 all new clients must have a credit card on file. We no longer bill new clients directly. Current Active Clients enrolled under the $245/hour billed rate prior to 11/1/08 will continue to be billed at this rate as long as they remain active with Provo and Associates. We define Active Clients as those having paid consultations within the past two calendar years. Current Active Clients may also elect at any time to have a credit card on file which will allow them the discounted hourly rate of $230/hour. Inactive Clients will need to re-register with us and follow the policies of a new client.
    We charge the credit cards weekly. You will receive an email confirmation for each transaction. We need a valid credit card from you (one able to be processed by us without any further information needed) at the time we process the charges. If the charge is declined we will contact you for the information needed. If we don't receive the new information within two (2) days you will be charged the prevailing Standard/Billed rate at that time. We highly recommend that you have two (2) forms of payment on file for us to use in order to avoid the higher charges.
    If you wish to pay Diane Provo directly in cash, "At The Time Of Visit" (referred to as ATOV Cash Rate), this rate is $200/hour. If you wish to pay Diane Provo directly by check, "At The Time Of Visit" (referred to ATOV Check Rate) this rate is $220/hour, plus $140/hour for travel if necessary. This rate is only for in person consultations. This rate does not apply to: research, reports, phone work, correspondence, etc... Phone consultations do not qualify for this rate. All checks must be payable to "Diane Provo" and received directly by her on the date of the service and may not be mailed in at a later time. No invoices are generated for this form of payment. If necessary, all charges not paid for at the time of visit will be billed to your credit card at the $230/hour rate.

Please completely read the Billing Policy (both pages) before proceeding to the Client Center.

​Cash (ATOV)
Billing Policy