Provo and Associates

Frequently Asked Questions
​Are your services covered by insurance plans?
​Unfortunately, insurance plans do not cover our services. However, many of the therapies and medical treatments that we recommend are covered. Diane is neither an M.D., a psychologist or a therapist, therefore, unable to give a diagnosis code for insurance purposes.  We require that our fees be paid on time and in full even if insurance claims are being submitted or an MSA (Medical Savings Account) is being used.
​Who can benefit from Fast ForWord?
​Why does Diane make house calls and school observations to work with children?
​Why do you have different rates for the various payment methods?
​Diane feels very strongly that to make the best assessment and subsequently create a program with the greatest impact she must see the child in their real world environment. To bring a child to her office doesn't generally show her what she needs to see. 
​Any child who does not acquire speech and language naturally. Also children with listening or reading challenges.
  • ​At time of Visit Rate: $225 per hour (effective 03/15/16) 
This method requires the least amount of administrative time and rarely results in an uncollectable account.

  • Credit Card Rate: $210 per hour (effective 03/15/16)
​This method requires less administrative time, payment is immediate and collection is less of a problem than with invoicing. We do, however, pay a transaction fee for this service.

  • Billed Rate: $225 per hour (effective 03/15/16)
This method requires the most administrative time and expense. Also, uncollectable accounts do occur with this method.

  • Travel Time: $120 per hour billed in fifteen minute increments (effective 03/15/16)