Provo and Associates

Provo and Associates takes special care to understand the unique needs of our clients. We are proud of the work we do and would like to share these testimonials from our clients:
Joan Ryan, Columnist & Barry Tompkins, Sportscaster, Ross, CA
"Diane has the rare combination of cutting-edge expertise, humor and an innate gift for communicating with both children and parents. She tells it straight; she knows parents have no time to waste on euphemisms and platitudes. She had a powerful impact on our family."
Rick & Peg S., San Rafael, CA
"Diane has been extraordinarily helpful time and time again in supporting us with extremely difficult problems -- she's very positive, practical and says, "here's what you need to do," she's non-judgmental, enthusiastic, very up-to-date on current research and thinking about kids with issues and problems. She plays a different role than a therapist and we keep going back to her. With Diane on your side you feel that you'll be able to work things out..."
Patty & Mark J., San Anselmo, CA
"We have children with developmental issues...our biggest fear was finding adequate programs and therapy...fortunately, we were introduced to Diane, who put together comprehensive programs for both boys almost overnight...Their progress has been astonishing...She truly has become a member of the family."
Susan McG., Kentfield, CA
"Diane's keen insights into our son's behavior helped him avoid serious behavioral problems at home and school. With the first signs of ADD affliction, she helped us with a thoughtful program of diversionary tactics together with a rewards-based behavior modification plan. Once we implemented her ideas on a consistent basis, we noticed a tremendous change in our son's tantrums and out of control. He was calmer, the tantrums were shorter and he was able to focus his attention on the positive side. Also, Diane is a great person, hysterically funny and we love her!"
"We have been given endless great advice on everyday issues to allow calmness in our family of six. Diane's input is invaluable and her thoughts toward every issue are right on target. Her energy, insight and ability are fantastic. To know Diane is to love her. She is a very valued confidant in our family. We are fortunate to have a consultant in Marin County of her skill level. Thank you!"
Kari & Gus B., Tiburon, CA