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Fast ForWord is a revolutionary method for rapidly building skills necessary for language competence in children. These basic skills form the foundation for the comprehension and use of the entire spectrum of language experienced in everyday life.

​While most children naturally acquire all the skills necessary for language during the first few years of life, research has shown that a significant number of them fail to develop some key skills on their own. About ten percent of all children have a specific difficulty making reliable distinctions among speech sounds. This failure to make reliable distinctions can lead to poor language comprehension and, possibly, to speech production problems.

Speech and language training programs, as well as traditional reading programs, typically focus on teaching phonics, a system based on phonemes. However, speech is composed of even smaller acoustic events or "phonetic elements." Specific combinations of several phonetic elements can be said to make up phonemes, and these elements undergo fast changes as we articulate syllables and words. If a child cannot reliably distinguish individual phonetic elements, then he or she often cannot identify the associated phonemes. Foe Children with Specific Language Impairment, it is the fastest phonetic elements that present the biggest problems.

We know every that every child needs to acquire the ability to distinguish reliably the fast phonetic elements of speech. But until recently there has been no proven method to teach this skill to children who do not learn it naturally. Now research has shown how the processing of fast phonetic elements can be trained. The results of this research are the basics for the Fast ForWord product, the first and only program to develop this skill.

Fast phonetic processing is only the first of many communication skills which children children must acquire in order to become competent language users. Fast ForWord teaches several speech and language skills, and it is being continuously expanded to include phonics, morphology, syntax and grammar. Because Fast ForWord games constantly adapt to a child's current level of competence, children can learn basic language processing skills while simultaneously improving their higher-level skills. The adaptivity of Fast ForWord games makes them appropriate for children at all levels of language skill.
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​Diane is currently certified with the Scientific Learning Corporation and is able to administer a language development curriculum called Fast ForWord. This is an integrated, software-based program which builds the language skills necessary for communication in everyday life. All children need these skills and Fast ForWord can be used by children with all types of learning styles. Click image at right for Scientific Learning website.
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